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BTUtiful Doug Fir Wood Pellets Introducing BTUtiful 100% Douglas Fir Super Premium Wood Pellets
Hamer's Hot Ones Hamers Hot Ones pellet fuel is made from clean sawdust, much of which comes from our own lumber operations in the heart of the Appalachian Region of the United States in West Virginia. Distribution area is in the mid Atlantic and NorthEast States (WV, VA,…
Compressed Hardwood Logs 100% recycled hard wood. 35% more enery efficient for all types of stoves, fireplaces and hearths. Produces more heat and lasts longer. Clean and without insects. Creates less ash residue, less smoke and no firebrands. Bark free, low humidity level (4-8%), produces less creosote and…
Nut Anthracite Coal Anthracite is an American-produced, clean-burning, smokeless fuel that's continuously warmer and costs less than other heating options. After switching to anthracite, many homeowners report saving up to 50% on their heating bills while gaining a more healthful and comfortable home.  Fuel and Flame offers Nut,…
Logik-E Wood Pellet Fuel Logik-E Pellet Fuel offers one of the highest BTU's of any pellet fuel.  It's rating is 8100 BTU's  and offers an unbelievable .3% ash content.  Fuel and Flame asks you to compare this pellet fuel ash content with the one you are presently using, and…

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