Charcoal Grilling

Charcoal Grilling

Barbecuing with Basques Hardwood Charcoal


 How to start a charcoal fire
There are many ways to light up a charcoal barbecue. Contrary to briquettes, Basques Hardwood Charcoal is very easy to start.

You can use a crumbled piece of paper, cardboard or any fire starter composed of paraffin wax and sawdust. Put the fire-starter in the middle of your barbecue. You than add all the pieces of charcoal in a pyramid shape all over your fire-starter which you than light up. 
You usually know you are ready when the lump charcoal begins to turn red, a white ash appears around most of the lumps and you can leave your hand 6 inches above the fire for at least 5 seconds.

How to barbecue on our charcoal 
There are principally two ways of grilling on your barbecue; the direct and indirect way. Its is rather simple. Direct is straight over the heat source. Indirect is having the heat source on the opposite side of the grill.

When is the fire ready
If you need to know the cooking temperature of your barbecue, the best and most practical tool to use is the palm of your hand. Its simple but be careful! All you do is put your hand 6 inches above the burning charcoal. Once its there, start counting the seconds and stop when it feels uncomfortable to leave it there (and please, do remove your hand from the fire). The amount of time will reflect about the temperature.

This is of course not precise compared to our electric grill, but the whole deal is to taste the exquisite taste of grilling and enjoying the outdoors.

  • 2 seconds - very hot, usually 375 to 400 and more
  • 3 to 4 seconds - medium hot to hot, about 300 to 375
  • 5 seconds - hot, between 200 to 300

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