Custom Hearth Design

Custom Hearth Design

AJ specializes in custom modifications.  We welcome the opportunity to work with you.  The pictures above illustrate some typical design modifications.  At AJ we can make your hearth longer, shorter, narrower, or wider as needed to fit your space or to meet your hearth appliance requirements.  Want a different shape?  Need a notch to fit around a floor register, corner post, or other obstruction?  If you can draw it most likely we can make it.  Custom modifications can be made to floor protectors with Metal Edge Banding, Wood Trim, and/or Signature Pedestals.  See the Signature Series page for available stain colors for Wood Trim. 

If you would like a tile or grout color other than our standard selection we will be glad to oblige.  Provide us the with the tiles and the grout we will create that one-of-a-kind hearth for you.

We charge only a nominal fee to modify our standard designs and production time of custom designs is on par with our standard models.

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