If you're one of the many home owners who are looking to save on heating costs and are currently heating with gas, oil or electricity, then Fuel and Flame can help. Fuel and Flame realizes the home owner is not only looking for a stove that will provide the necessary heat output to reduce the high cost of heating your home, but also a stove which will compliment your home decor.

As to what type of stove you should buy, everybody has their own preferences, to some they like the smell and ambiance of firewood, perhaps the cost if they like cutting firewood, or some like the economy of coal. For those that like the heat value of wood but not all the work, they choice is clear, it's wood pellets.

If you would like to compare the fuel costs of various fuels go to "FUEL COMPARISON CHART" for help.

Heatilator Eco-Choice Pellet Stoves Warm your home and live green at the same time by using renewable wood pellet fuel, which is the cleanest burning biomass fuel available.
Harman, Englander, Summers Heat Stove Parts We carry a huge selection of Summers Heat, Englander and Harman stove parts.  Please call us if you have a a question about a specific part we may have.
Harman Stoves & Inserts If you're looking for ease of operation, and high heat output, wood pellets are definitely what you are looking for and Fuel and Flame recommends the Harman Wood Pellet Stove. High BTU's, low maintenance, and underfeed system all contribute to make Harman Wood Pellet Stoves…
Regency Greenfire Pellet Stoves Regency Greenfire pellet stoves and inserts are an environmentally friendly way to heat your home and save money. They are quiet, efficient and cost effective home heaters that fit perfectly into your lifestyle. Traditionally styled with the high quality, durable components; Regency Greenfire pellet stoves…
Hampton Wood Stoves & Inserts High efficiency heat...with style! The Hampton Wood Insert installs easily into your existing fireplace. Add the timeless beauty of cast iron while eliminating drafts. The simple and reliable all-in-one draft control rod allows you to chose a slow burning fire with less heat or a…
Pacific Energy Wood Stoves & Inserts Fuel and Flame has added a new line of Wood Stoves. The new line is Pacific Energy. Pacific Energy has been hand-crafting clean-burning wood stoves – and other high efficiency wood burning appliances – for over 29 years. We pioneered wood heat technology and are…
Morso Wood Stoves & Inserts If your choice is Firewood, Fuel and Flame is now offering the Morso Wood Stove Line. For 154 years, Morsø has provided the highest quality products worldwide. All Morsø stoves are efficient and simple-to-operate cast iron wood stoves in different styles and sizes to fit…
Alaska Coal Stoves If your choice for fuel is Coal, the Alaska Stove Company has been designing and constructing reliable solid fuel residential heating solutions for over TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. All our stoves are manufactured in Pennsylvania making them 100% American Made.We also carry one of the most comprehensive…

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