Stoves & Fireplaces

If you’re one of the many home owners who are looking to save on heating costs and are currently heating with gas, oil or electricity, then Fuel and Flame can help. Fuel and Flame realizes the home owner is not only looking for a stove that will provide the necessary heat output to reduce the high cost of heating your home, but also a stove which will compliment your home decor.

As to what type of stove you should buy, everybody has their own preferences, to some they like the smell and ambiance of firewood, perhaps the cost if they like cutting firewood, or some like the economy of coal. For those that like the heat value of wood but not all the work, they choice is clear, it’s wood pellets.

And for those of you who would just like a nice fire on a cold night we have a full line of  gas fireplaces and log sets

If you would like to compare the fuel costs of various fuels go to “FUEL COMPARISON CHART” for help.